AIDAN Mansfield held off strong competition to win the Sunday open which attracted 45 anglers.

Fishing from peg 18 on the Ash pool, he used pole, pellet and groundbait feeder to catch commons, mirrors and F1s weighing 92lbs 12oz.

In second place was Rich Hoskins with 54-4 of F1 carp followed by Sean Little, off fancied peg six on the Island pool, with commons, mirrors and F1s tipping the scales at 50-4 using straight lead and pole.

They were closely followed by Neil McKinnon on the same pool with 50-0 of F1s.

Island, Middle and Ash Pools: 1 Mansfield (Maver Gold/Bagem Baits, peg 18 Ash) 92- 12, 2 Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League, peg 27 Middle) 54-4, 3 Little (Map Marukyu, peg six Island) 50-4, 4 McKinnon (Preston Innovations, peg 38 Island) 50-0, 5 John Newton (Smiths AC, peg 21 Ash) 44-10.

Windmill and Island Pools, Affordable Open: 1 Chris Telling (Colmic, peg 11 Windmill) 81-6, 2 Graham Whitmore (South Redditch, peg nine Windmill) 67-4, 3 John Halfpenny (MFL, peg 16 Windmill) 46-12.

Carp and skimmers caught on pole and pellet and groundbait feeder.

Boundary Pool: 1 Chris Cameron (Middy, peg 10) 61-4, 2 Steve Partington (Mosella, peg eight) 46-4, 3 Pete Bennett (Banbury Gunsmiths, peg 39) 45-8. Carp and skimmers caught on pole and pellet.


BRYAN Townley only needed 7lbs 8oz to win the club’s latest winter league round after fish did not feed on Windmill Lake following overnight rain.

The winner caught on the pole and pellet, while Iain Lewis used the same method for 7-3 of F1 carp and roach.