EVESHAM WMC’s Fur and Feather Cup was contested at the Common with Stuart Robinson winning.

He caught 10lbs 1oz of skimmers and roach on the pole, while Mart Woods had 8-1 and Vic Woods 5-12.Section winners were Mark Sparrow and Mick Reeve (2-11).

  • Evesham Jubilee’s first festive match was the Turkey Open with Chris Coleman (18lb 4oz), John Cox (15lb 11oz) and Shaun Sawyer (16lb 1oz) all winning turkeys.

Section winners were Jenny Walters (6lb 10oz), Richard Ford (8lb 1oz) and Phil Simnett (8lb 7oz).

The draw for Sunday’s fur and feather match at the fishery is earlier at 8am with fishing from 8.45am to 1pm.