IF all you want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, then The Everyman Theatre in Regent Street, Cheltenham, might be precisely what you’re looking for.

A production of the musical classic, My Fair Lady, will come to the venue this May, thanks to the Cotswold Savoyards.

A spokesman said: “After George Bernard Shaw wrote his very successful play, Pygmalion, he spent decades refusing the rights to turn it into a musical. But still, the West End and Hollywood had a dream, ‘Wouldn’t it be loverly’

“Eventually they got their way: a ‘loverly’ stage production was born and the musical was soon immortalised in an iconic rags to riches film.”

The spokesman added: “When Professor Higgins plucks Eliza from the gutter and teaches her to speak correctly, she is propelled into a world far from her roots of selling flowers in Covent Garden.

“I did it!’ he cries, when his experiment is over, leaving Eliza to ask ‘what’s to become of me?’ and the audience to question whether Eliza was the only one affected by the bet.

“We are delighted to bring you a show full of well-known songs. Brace yourself for ‘The rain in Spain’ and ‘With a little bit of luck’ you’ll enjoy everything from a cockney knees-up to a weekend at Ascot and a refined Embassy Ball. So run from ‘the street where you live’ to bag your tickets fast - at least before Eliza starts shouting to ‘move your bloomin’ arse!’”

This amateur production is presented By arrangement with Musicscope and Stage Musicals Limited of New York.

The Cotswold Savoyards were formed in 1962, originally to produce the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

A spokesman said: “Our repertoire is now split evenly between the works of Gilbert and Sullivan and those of other composers.”

The date for the diary is May 15 to May 19.

Tickets at https://www.everymantheatre.org.uk/m-shows/my-fair-lady/