FUNNYMAN Marcus Brigstocke will be sporting horns and a forked tail for his show at Evesham Arts Centre for a truly festive date, Saturday December 1.

Marcus will be the guy who is often sadly forgotten at Christmas, namely Lucifer, for a touring show called Devil May Care.

A spokesman said: “As we divide each other up into more and more unpleasant categories of evil, it is time to establish, once and for all, what is good and what is bad.

“And who better to arbitrate in these challenging, divisive times than Lucifer himself?”

The spokesman added: “The Devil no longer runs Hell day-to-day. He’s retired now, and plays Golf at Mar-a-Lago, but the Dark Lord is still on the board of The Underworld and attends a bi-annual meeting to advise on how to make eternal damnation sustainably hot, how to keep a thousand minions on zero hours contracts, and what to do about Jacob Rees Mogg.”

Marcus said: “I’ll be fully devilled up, complete with horns, tail and malevolent grin.”

Tickets: 01386-446944.