JOHN Smith is an independent musician who has toured the world for almost fifteen years with a guitar and suitcase.

As you do.

He has independently released five albums and won critical acclaim in the UK and abroad, as well as playing as a session guitarist and singer for the likes of Joan Baez, Lisa Hannigan and Martin Simpson.

And the good news is, he’s coming to The Theatre in Chipping Norton, on October 17.

So what can an audience expect?

John said: “Ever since my teenage epiphany at the altar of Folk Music, hearing Nick Drake, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn for the first time, I have been a devotee. The six strings of my guitar have granted me access to a sacred space between things, the unconscious interweaving sensations that allow us that gentle buzz on hearing a good folk song.I’ve been immeasurably fortunate to open for and even play with some of my heroes.”

Tickets: 01608 642350