PEOPLE who wonder if modern art is really saying anything at all should get along to The Wilson gallery in Cheltenham, for a new exhibition and for answers.

The show, "The Last Word in Art?" will feature works by key 20th century and contemporary artists including Tracey Emin, David Hockney, and Roy Lichtenstein.

A spokesman said: "The Last Word in Art? explores the way artists have played with, adapted and created new meaning in language through art, and the relationship between images, words and ideas. Featuring an interactive element, this show places the viewer at the centre of its discussions."

The spokesman added: "Curated by staff at The Wilson, the exhibition features pieces from both the Arts Council Collection and the permanent fine art collection held at the art gallery and museum, and explores the use of different languages: word, image and body in 20th century and contemporary art through painting, sculpture, drawing and film."

The Last Word in Art? will occupy two gallery spaces "but will also spill into unexpected sites in the permanent museum collections, encouraging visitors to consider the themes of the exhibition in the context of the historical collections".

The spokesman added: "Bespoke ‘Last Word’ machines have been created by artist Kirsty Harris, enabling the audience to become contributors to the exhibition and leave their very own last words in response to the show in an exciting and participatory way.

"The Wilson will also be running a full programme of events and activities designed to engage audiences from toddlers upwards."

Julie Finch, CEO of The Cheltenham Trust which manages The Wilson, said: “Society tends to think of language and art as separate entities despite being inextricably linked socially, politically and conceptually. "We’re delighted to be showcasing the work of high profile artists in Cheltenham to explore these connections. We invite audiences to consider the internationally renowned works as one narrative on ‘The Last Word in Art?’, or several artist narratives or through their own individual interpretations.

"Ultimately, who has the ‘Last Word in Art’, the artists or the public? Explore the likes of Lichtenstein, Gilbert and George, Hockney, and Emin and make up your own mind."

A spokesperson for the Arts Council Collection said: “Seeing works from the Arts Council Collection displayed and interpreted in different and creative ways is always very exciting. We’re delighted that the collection has inspired such an imaginatively curated exhibition, and will offer people the opportunity to see work by such well-known and revered artists outside London.”

The Last Word in Art? runs from September 24 to January 8 at The Wilson.

Tickets are available in person at The Wilson, over the phone on 01242 237 431 or online at