I HAD seen Stephen K Amos once before in Birmingham so I knew what to expect from his new show, Find the Funny. I was not disappointed – in fact, his material was funnier than I remembered.

It was not just his gags that raised the roof with laughter, it was the charismatic way he told them combined with his hilarious facial expressions, the latter of which had me crying with laughter.

I purposely sat in the balcony to avoid being targeted by his quick wit but one teenager, Phoenix, who was in the front row, was not so lucky.

Amos picked on him throughout the show but in a charming way, which made great entertainment and helped draw the audience into his world.

The comedian, who is a favourite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, brought his race into much of the show while impersonating his father as he recounted stories from his childhood.

This again was met with loud hilarity as he picked up on the audience’s uncertainty on how to react to his use of stereotypes and what would usually be considered derogatory language.

It was his second visit to the town hall and the show was virtually sold out with a mixture of youngsters and families venturing out in the snow to see him.

And it was worth it, as he made time during the interval and at the end of the show to speak to his fans and pose for photographs.

Those in need of a good laugh will enjoy Stephen K Amos’s Find the Funny. I was impressed and I look forward to seeing him perform again.

Katie Thompson