Sher brilliance...that’s the exotic offering with the RSC Stratford’s latest co-production The Tempest.

And it’s sheer brilliance because of Antony Sher’s Prospero which is as good a performance as you are likely to see at the RSC.

The South African-based Baxter Theatre Centre has produced this play with the RSC and spices the proceedings with a multi-coloured set and magnificent puppetry.

From the opening lines the eyes are treated to the fantastic, surreal landscape of beachline and the edge of the jungle and reason.

More power to Illka Louw’s design and Janice Honeyman’s direction.

The ears are also bombarded with Sher’s power and glory dressed in fading colonial rags. But if he comes close to being upstaged then it by his generous support and the magnificence and magnitude of Janni Younge’s puppetry.

After the opening bombardment of the senses, the puppetry becomes more subtle then impressive as waves on this desolate shore.

That Sher can dominate with his Prospero is testament to his undoubted talent and magnetic presence on stage.

Yet John Kani’s Caliban is a fair match as Prospero’s hopeful but not quite successful nemesis.

Atandwa Kani’s Ariel is a wonder as he fulfils his master’s wishes in a bid to win his freedom. His athleticism makes full use of the stage width and props as he imposes his ethereal presence.

The Tempest runs at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford, until Saturday, March 14. Go on, treat your senses by calling 08448 001110.