Choral Society, by Prue Leith, reviewed by Claire Jones THREE very different women are joined together in this fabulous book, covering friendship, conflict and a variety of emotions.

Choral Society is the fourth novel from former cookery author Prue Leith.

Its heroine is a food journalist called Lucy, who has to deal with the grief of losing her beloved husband and put up with being bossed around by her daughter.

Her daughter bullies her into joining a choir to assuage her grief.

Joanna is the successful businesswoman who makes large amount of money and who failure is not an option. She is joining a choir to tackle her inability to sing a note.

Rebecca is joining the choir to unashamedly look for another mate.

They decide to combine their talents to restore a run-down hotel on the Cornish coast where they can each use their talents to turn it into a spa and retreat offering holiday courses.

Is their friendship strong enough to survive the conflict that ensues?

The story develops into a riveting tale that sees the women’s different characteristics come to light as their friendship blossoms.

You can’t wait to find out if each woman will be OK and overcome their conflict.

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