YOU may be forgiven for thinking you’ve strolled into a cinema for the RSC’s latest production of Julius Caesar...

For such is the impact of the SFX, technical set, by William Dudley, that you do spend time watching film as well as enjoying theatre!

Lucy Bailey’s innovative direction has breathed new life into this production of a play that can get bogged down in its longevity.

Yet, with its technical support and the strength of performance – from Sam Troughton and Darrell D’Silva – this is a triumph fit for an emperor of Rome.

The backdrop to the set is a number of flats that twist into one screen onto which crowd scenes/battle formations etc are projected. This Hollywood epic-style really does add a further dimension to action front stage. And action there is, with Troughton and D’Silva vying for popular support and audience attention.

Dialogue is sometimes rushed to provide momentum but the entertainment can be savoured in this exciting Courtyard production which runs until October 2.

John Murphy