WE can all argue the pros and cons of this country’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan but what cannot be questioned is the commitment, bravery and sacrifices being made by our Armed Forces.

Attack State Red by Colonel Richard Kemp and Chris Hughes is a graphic account of that commitment and a searingly honest account of soldiering.

As more names are added to the battle dead, this book gives you some feeling of the heat of battle, the professionalism of our forces and the acts of bravery by the brothers – and sisters – in arms.

It tells the story of the Royal Anglians’ combat tour and what happened in Helmand’s Sangin Valley in the spring of 2007.

As the Royal Anglians take on the Taliban in their own backyard – in the hell-hole that is the Green Zone – they lose colleagues, friends and family. Having been sent there to do a job, they should never lose our admiration or support.

Attack State Red - Penguin/Michael Joseph JOHN MURPHY