A HONEYBOURNE author whose work has been described as a cross between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, has released the third book of his adventure series.

Former Long Lartin prison officer Nick Dyer, aged 63, says that personally, he doesen’t think his novels are like either but it is not bad to be compared to such illustrious company.

Nick released the first book in his Daurth Chronicles series – Toby Dickinson’s New Dimensions – in 2007 and has followed it up with Toby Dickinson’s The Strands of Time and the latest to be released, Toby Dickinson’s Transpar Inheritance.

Toby is the central character in the novels and like in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter, he has grown up through the books and that is reflected in their readership, says Nick. “I tried to target the crossover market. The first book was aimed at 11-year-olds but as the books go on they get more mature and darker. This means that older people and the mums and dads of children who read the first, may give the books a go.”

Nick aims to write another two books in the series which are based on a number of Albert Einstein’s theories – most notably explaining what time is and how it works. This theory sees Toby Dickinson wandering between different stages in time.

Nick said that part of the reason he started writing was for his five-year-old daughter Odette.

“My ambition is to leave something more than old photos for her. I also want to get more children into literature. They are so wrapped up in computer games but books open up a wonderful world. Reading more helps youngsters to be articulate and properly express themselves. I also want to have a bit of success – who wouldn’t?”

For more information on Nick and how to buy his books visit nicksdyer.com.