THIS book is another adventure for the detective Agatha Raisin – and once again she doesn’t fail to keep us hooked with her latest crime story.

M C Beaton, whose works include the Hamish McBeth series, divides her time between Paris and a village in the Cotswolds. In this, her latest tale, Agatha’s former husband James is engaged to be married to a beautiful young woman and Agatha has been invited to the wedding.

To take her mind off this, Agatha decides she has fallen for Sylvan, a Frenchman she met at James’ engagement party. To distract her still further, she decides upon a holiday and flies to Istanbul, where she bumps into James and his fiancée not once but twice – convincing him she is stalking them.

So when the bride is murdered on her wedding day, naturally Agatha is suspect number one – but then matters are turned on their head when the dead bride’s mother engages Agatha to take on the case of her murdered daughter. . . I thought it was a fabulous book and right from the beginning I was hooked. I read it in record time as I was so eager to find out the ending. Agatha, was again delightful, comical and down-to-earth. From the first page to the last, her story kept me gripped.

I have now introduced some friends and family to Agatha and they are as hooked as I am. My message to M C Beaton – hurry up with Agatha’s next adventure, because we can’t wait.

Available from all good bookshops.

Claire Jones