BANISH those visions of florals being light, bright and angelic. This season's blooms have an altogether earthier appearance.

Usually a trend that goes hand-in-hand with spring/summer, floral fever has been cultivated for winter into something dramatically darker and more seductive.

Look no further than the original goth girl, Twilight's Kristen Stewart, who recently stepped on to the red carpet in a devilish black lace dress scattered with petal embellishments.

But you don't have to be a total vamp to work this season's florals. From glamorous to cutesy, there's a hotbed of styles for everyone.

Time to bloom in winter's new flower arrangement.


Give pretty pastels an autumn break and think moody blacks, navies and greys.

The classic winter floral print is defined by its dark base. The prints can still be bright and bold but the contrasting backdrop makes them even more powerful. Monochrome flower print combos work well too.

Pack a punch with a dazzlingly colourful flower display, which can either be random, repetitive or even a single bold stem.

For extra drama, look to long maxi dresses. Avoid super-floaty (too summery) and stay on-trend with sleeker, body-skimming styles.


For some, the contrast of mixing hothouse blooms with gothic black is like chalk and cheese.

Bridge the gap with the array of jewel-bright offerings. The floral prints will still have a dark edge but, set against rich tones like sapphire, emerald or ruby, they're easier on the eye.

Blue and purple are popular backdrops this season for carrying off a floral print.

Keep the fabric matte if you want more of a daytime look, and glossy if you're seeking some evening glamour.


Florals aren't just about print, print, print. This season they come in the form of embellished sequin petals, intricate embroidered blooms and even metallic brocade.

Forget daylight hours, this variety of floral was made for after dark.

Adding different textures to the mix adds an air of the ornate - perfect for party season. Sexy, luxe dresses are the obvious pieces with which to experiment with floral fabrics and finishes.

For something dramatically different, try one of this season's matching two-piece brocade suits for a twist. Opt for glossy black and gold for this season's most opulent of looks.


If this season's florals feel too heavy and over-dramatic, keep your look light and leafy through your print.

Instead of overwhelming bouquets, try cute buds on daintier prints.

Your ensemble will be especially youthful and feminine if you choose rose pink or cornflower blue petals, but don't ditch that dark background.

Your silhouette is all-important too. Instead of severe shifts, try voluminous skater skirts or retro tea dresses that reveal your shape.

Prettify the whole look with a dainty pair of heels in a colour combination picked out from your print.


:: Don't try to recycle your bright-and-breezy summer florals. Winter florals have a moodier, gothic vibe.

:: Keep the base colour dark - black, navy, blue, purple or grey.

:: Conversely, if you prefer a light base in cream or white, ensure the florals are bold in strong colours rather than pale or pastel shades.

:: Steer well clear of sandals and bare legs and don't be afraid to team your winter florals with hosiery and ankle boots.

:: Clash your prints if you're feeling brave. Just ensure one colour is repeated in both prints for a cohesive look.