Niall Horan is not sure Noel Gallagher likes his music but the rock star has “always been sound” to him.

The Irish singer has cited the Oasis songwriter as one of his first musical inspirations.

Horan said that Gallagher has always been friendly with him in person, although he is not convinced One Direction’s back catalogue and his solo work is to the rock veteran’s taste.

The pop singer spoke at the BMI London Awards, where the High Flying Birds star was honoured for his decades of songwriting.

Horan said: “Noel has always been sound to me. Any time I’ve met him. The Irish thing clicks together.

“Whether he likes my music or not I don’t know, but he’s always been very nice to me as a guy, and that’s what matters really.”

Horan also said that Wonderwall was one of his first musical inspirations.

He said: “They were the first four chords I learned. That was the first song that came up.”

Gallagher spoke at the event at the Savoy Hotel in London, saying that he and famously feuding brother Liam would not have achieved anything without each other.