Jack Thorne has said he is “feeling better” but “still very tired” after suspecting he is suffering from coronavirus.

The award-winning writer behind Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, The Accident and the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials, recently said he believes he has Covid-19 and it was not reacting well with his asthma.

However he said he has improved after being prescribed oral steroids.

He wrote on Twitter: “Feeling better after two days of steroids. Still v tired, but the elephant has been replaced by a mountain lion.

“Of course it could not be Covid (wish we had Germany’s resources) in which case this is not reassuring to anyone. But, for me, at this moment, the drugs have worked.”

On Monday he announced he was not feeling well, saying: “Seem to have Covid, which is not reacting great with my asthma.

“Amazing treatment from my GP over the phone, taking the time to give me all sorts of tests THEN consulting with a colleague before prescribing. Feel like I’ve been run over by an elephant but in total awe of the NHS.”

He received a slew of supportive messages from well-known figures such as Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Josh Gad, Chris Addison and Jed Mercurio.

He later tweeted: “Can’t believe how kind everyone is being. Thank you. For all asthmatics out there asking he did a few tests to understand my breath & bpm, my blood oxygen has fallen quite low in the past (need to buy a meter thing).

“I was then prescribed some Prednisolone (oral steroids) to go with my symbicort (of which I’d already doubled my dose) and ventolin (blue) with a spacer.

“He said right we should assume it is Covid (I’ve had temp for three days, bad cough, exhaustion etc etc) but we treat the asthma first. He was amazing. Big love to all.”