RE your piece “Crowds in show of support for hunts” (Journal, January 3).

A bit surprised to see a Countryside Alliance ‘press release’ in my local paper.

Where was the impartiality, the hint that fox hunting (not including “exempt” hunting) is illegal, the fact that it is obvious to any observer with the most basic understanding that all the hunts mentioned are still drawing coverts, still hunting foxes, still blocking roads, in fact doing everything they did before the Hunting Act was passed.

I would be astonished if all of the people present “supporting” hunting would have reacted with glee at the bodies of six fox foetuses we picked from the mud after their heavily pregnant mother had been torn apart by hounds.

Does the author of this piece think that the average person would show their children that scene of carnage?

I also suspect that the public might find the trashing of badger setts rather distasteful.

Funny how the local press are often silent when we provide film of these atrocities and yet see fit to spew out this sickly, glossed-over tripe.