AN elephant won’t be forgotten anytime soon by a group of schoolchildren in Pershore.

Mee Chok, a three-yearold elephant from Thailand, has been adopted by pupils at Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School and they have come up with some unusual fundraising methods.

The youngsters sold elephant- shaped toast to help raise the £19 a month they need to send to care for their large new friend.

Although they may not be able to visit Mee Chok, the children have been learning about him from Sarah Blaine, a local mum whose family supports the BLES sanctuary where he is now living.

She said: “The children chose Mee Chok, the baby elephant. They are going to Skype the sanctuary.

”He was rescued from a trekking camp and had been taken from his mother at only a few months old. The whole of his life he had been chained up.

An older elephant has now adopted him and he has an older sister.”

The children had planned to sponsor Som Sri, an elderly elephant rescued by the Blaine family earlier this year. But tragically just months after being rescued she became ill and died.

“She kept getting a swelling and was fighting an infection. At least she found happiness in the end.”

Students at St Benedicts Catholic High School in Alcester have also raised £350 for the elephants by running in a Lentern mile for various charities.

Anyone who would like to support the BLES Sanctuary can visit