TWO schools in Evesham could become one if plans put forward by the governing body are backed by parents.

The proposal would see Evesham High School and Simon de Montfort Middle School merged into one by September this year and given a new name in an attempt to reduce bureaucracy and enable more time to be spent on good teaching and learning.

The plans were announced last week when a letter was sent out to parents from the governors and headteacher Caroline Browne, who says the merger would allow the work at the schools to go from "strength to strength".

Mrs Browne said: "We feel strongly this will allow the work we do to go from strength to strength and be to the continued advantage of the children who attend at Middle and High school phase.

"Our local parents have been very pleased with the richness of opportunity that two schools working as one allows."

The two schools formed a soft federation five years ago and a hard federation a year later.

But they remain registered with the Department for Education as two separate schools.

As part of the plans there would still be three entry points at years 6, 9 and 12, children would be taught at the existing sites, the catchment areas would stay the same and the federation would remain the same size.

The proposals also suggest the children would notice little change but over time provision would improve as the staff will have more time to add improvements.

The cost would also be low and apply just to rebranding and uniform changes would be phased in.

Mrs Browne added: "In school we know staff have capitalised on the federation to extend learning and to raise levels of achievement. We know we have been more successful in attracting quality applicants to our Y6 to Y13 provision.

"The merger would allow us to secure these advantages for the future of the Evesham community. We will protect the small school feeling at middle and high and 6th form within a larger institution that takes advantage of economies of scale.

"We remain committed to working closely with our other partner schools."

There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, March 19, from 5pm until 6pm, in the large hall of Evesham High School where Mrs Browne will be on hand to answer questions about the merger.