A LOCAL choir director is looking for male singers to learn and sing the songs of the First World War.

William Coleman, who lives in Malvern and teaches at Malvern College, is helping to stage an evening of Great War poetry and music, and is looking for volunteers to sing classics like It's A Long Way To Tipperary and Pack Up Your Troubles.

He said: "The beauty of it is that one needs absolutely no experience of singing to join in, although it is useful if you do. What matters is a willingness to learn the songs and enter the spirit of it.

"Many of the tunes are still well known, as they tend to come from hymns and music hall songs, but with some very inventive and pithy words coming from the experience of war. Singing the songs is a form of tribute to the men of that generation and also a way of bringing their ordeal and bravery into our lives."

The concert is not until October, but rehearsals will be starting on Monday, July 14. To sign up, contact colemanjenkins@btinternet.com.