A HEARTFELT appeal for a job has gone out from a man trapped in a woman's body.

Born Joely Hughes, but now changed by deed poll to Ryan, the 26-year-old transsexual from Evesham is urging employers to give him a chance after suffering verbal abuse and discrimination when applying for jobs.

Ryan said: "I'll take any kind of a job. Not working is making me so depressed. At the last job interview I was told: I don't think we want anyone like you around here,' It's blatant discrimination I know, but I just shrugged it off. I would really love to train as a carpenter, or work as a welder because I've got qualifications for that, but I need someone to give me a chance.

"I am used to having my leg pulled, especially when I work as a part-time bouncer, so that would be no problem."

Ryan said he remembers when he was five and first realised he was a girl, and cried all the way home because he wasn't allowed to be with the boys.

He said: "I just knew inside I was a should be boy. Over the years I have been beaten up, and called a lesbian, but I can't help how I am. But I want people to know I am normal in every other way."

Ryan, who lives in St Lawrence Road, Evesham, is undergoing NHS treatment for gender dysphoria, and he tells perspective employers about his impending sex change operations.

Tracy Hampton at Evesham Job Centre said: "Everyone who walks through our door gets the same service whatever their race, religion, age or sexual orientation."

Anyone who can help Ryan get a job should contact the Journal on 01386 765678.