I SEE our new MP, Nigel Huddleston, has quickly settled into the Westminster bubble with his Tory toffs.

How magnanimous of him to praise the legacy of his predecessor, including a castle restoration and a canal revamp.

Strangely no mention of the legacy of the empty retail units, lack of affordable housing for young locals, the blight of low pay for the locals working in the travel and hospitality space, plus the food banks in the "idyllic" and "quite quintessentially English" villages and market towns in his county.

Hopefully, he will not become completely indoctrinated into the surreal world of Westminster.

Rather than nodding deferentially at every utterance of his beloved leader in the Commons he may step out of the bubble and speak to real hard-working people in the real world.

He should not get too carried away by the PM referring to him as "his new best friend" at PM's questions (or should that be PM's no-answer session in response to his question on the Worcester/Paddington rail doubling).

I believe his previous "new best friend" was someone called Andy Coulson, and we all know what happened to him.

Clive Phillips