SADLY, after a great deal of thought and heart searching, the Friends Mission, South Littleton, will be closing after being in existence since 1896.

The last meeting will be held on Sunday, June 28, at 6pm in the chapel on Shinehill Lane, South Littleton.

It was once a thriving community with all members of the many village families attending.

I understand Sunday school trips were a very popular.

Songs and music were been encouraged, and in later years they were led by Trevor Jones, who also conducted a ladies choir here.

In recent years it has been a strong concern for Phillip Bayliss. He and his sister Mary were born next door, so this decision has not been an easy one.

So much friendship has passed through these doors; it will be sadly missed by the faithful few.

I wish Phillip and Delta, his wife, who has been the pianist in the last few months, and his sister, Mary, a happy retirement.

Best wishes to the rest of the friends.

Eileen Meads

Friends Mission

South Littleton