I AGREE that fly tipping is a blight on our beautiful countryside.

It saddens me greatly to see rubbish dumped on our verges and roadsides, but as I am experiencing at this moment getting rid of excess rubbish is not that easy.

I am currently moving house and have a lot of stuff that needs to go to the tip.

Trying to get a permit for this is so hard. I have friends who would loan me a van easy enough but the county council want to know a ridiculous amount of personal information to obtain a permit for this one trip to the refuse centre.

Hiring a skip is getting more and more expensive (around £200 for a medium sized one) and with money still in short supply I can't justify spending that sort of money.

The council will collect up to two bulky items for £19! Great, but what about the rest of my rubbish?

I have quite a large car, but I still can't fit my junk in it, even after multiple journeys I have plenty that won't fit.

There are adverts around advertising a man with a van who would take my rubbish away for £150, but how do I know that rubbish isn't going to be dumped somewhere it shouldn't?

Before people start saying I should recycle, I do. I always try to give away and donate items I don't want/need, but unfortunately I can't get rid of all my unwanted/broken items this way.

Fly tippers are a disgrace and I hope they get caught and prosecuted, but maybe there wouldn't be as much of this disgraceful behaviour if it was a little easier getting rubbish to the tip.

Sarah Andrews