Sir – I’m sorry that Rob Holloway felt distaste that “a large, loud-mouthed man” was “berating the race-goers” outside Worcester Racecourse (Distaste over a horse race protester, Worcester News, July 2).

Many people who attend the races are not aware of the high death-toll of horses at the racecourse, nor of the thousands sent to slaughter annually by the British horse racing industry.

Therefore, shouting at members of the public is certainly not the best way to educate them about this appalling situation.

However, one can understand people getting angry and upset about what happens to the horses, as the gentleman in question obviously was.

It’s a great shame that

Mr Holloway appears

to be more distressed

about a “loud-mouthed man” than by the suffering and slaughter of innocent animals.

On the day in question, while he and his family were having “a lovely time” in Worcester, yet another horse lost his life on the racecourse, to add to the eight that were killed there last year.

Ronald Lee

Communications Officer

Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies