THE latest episode in the Stow surgery saga beggars belief.

All the antis re the Tall Trees site have not changed, but it seems as though the councillors have done U-turns and ignored them.

How they can babble on about the area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) is laughable when they allowed one of the ugliest buildings in the country, let alone the Cotswolds, to be built in Moreton – the surgery in the hospital grounds. But then maybe Moreton does not qualify as an AONB area?

The drawings done by the Stow surgery show an elegant, spacious building that obviously covers all the needs that the Stow doctors feel are necessary for them to look after their patients today, and I think it is disgusting that these have been ignored.

I have a lot of time for our MP, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, and also for Barry Dare and Lynden Stowe, but I am very disappointed that these gentleman have not been able to confer some common sense on these planning councillors.

I sincerely hope that our doctors can continue to fight this and that this stupid decision can be over ridden.

Helen Penney