WHILE I am certain there are good, Christian (and non-Christian) people in and around Malvern who wish to help those less fortunate fleeing war zones and poverty there are one or two questions I would ask, prompted by one of this week's correspondents, Heather Card, from Altrincham (Letters, July 10).

Why are so-called 'refugees' still called refugees, when evidently they are economic migrants?

To get to the UK, they have first had to pass through numerous safe European countries, therefore in choosing to continue to make their way to the UK it has nothing to do with any threat to their lives.

My second question is that while the so-called African Union has done nothing to help these people, who are of their continent, why have European leaders not called on them to play their part in the plight of their own people?

My third question is with the unlimited and hugely substantial numbers of eastern Europeans coming to the UK (about 300,000 last year alone), and illegal immigration, including the thousands rescued from the sea and, ridiculously completing the job of the criminal gangs, brought to Europe, at what point do we say enough is enough, and recognise the limits of a relatively small island, with a limited economy, and significant numbers its own people to care for, including almost a million unemployed young British people, a shrinking police service and armed forces, and schools, housing, and the NHS under increasing pressure?

Where's the money coming from, and where will the space be found for the increasing numbers of houses needed?

Will Richards