I HAVE heard that the Abbey Park allotments are to be incorporated into the public park by turning them into a memorial garden.

I have worked in Evesham for a couple of years and love the market gardening heritage of the town and the fresh, delicious produce that it famously grows.

I feel that having fertile working allotments visible from the extensive Abbey Park and within walking distance of the Abbey, St Laurences Church and the Almonry really helps capture this key aspect of Evesham's heritage to the community, visitors and tourists alike.

I hope that the Evesham community speaks out about the possible loss of these allotments.

The right for working people to grow food on a portion of allotted land should be protected and celebrated.

Evesham's market town heritage captures a 'right to dig' sentiment that represents the rights of real people to work the land and grow produce for their families and the wider community.

Leah Southhall