WITH four supermarkets in a small town like Evesham do we really need another?

This will not pull people into the town, especially a Waitrose which only trades in affluent areas which Evesham over the years due to planners is not!

Look around and see how Winchcombe and Pershore have survived and serve the local community.

The high rents in Evesham have made sure there are no butchers and the like, just charity shops.

It is such a pity. A riverside town like Evsham deserves better.

Living for 20 years in the Lenches during the 70s and 80s, Evesham was a thriving busy market town.

Many years ago a planning comment in the Journal read: "We don't want to become like Stratford"! That says it all. Car park charges there do not stop the visitors.

How many years did it take to get the Regal off the ground? So not much chance for the derelict hotel on picturesque Waterside that is a disgrace to the town.

Maggie Smith