HOW thoughtful of Evesham Journal to find space amongst the pictures and articles on Nigel Huddlestone to voice their concern for the welfare of a Labour Party that has"lost all sense of direction".

Despite all the warnings of impending electoral doom by a mainstream media in the pocket of billionaires, the truth is that Corbyn is the candidate that Tories fear most as he presents a coherent alternative to the economically illiterate policy of austerity that is failing everywhere it is applied. Packed meetings, surging membership especially amongst the young, straightforward answers and genuine discussion, this creates panic amongst the spin doctor-coached career politicians of the Westminster bubble!

Your editorial notes that the British electorate will not vote for a party that is "not firmly on middle ground". Possibly, but you fail to acknowledge just how far to the right that ground has shifted. Wanting an NHS free from privatisation, insisting that large corporations and wealthy individuals pay their share of taxes, suggesting higher education should be free, were once considered mainstream policies, now they are branded as Corbyn's irresponsible extremism!

The Corbyn campaign introduces something that ordinary people have not seen for a very long time. Hope!

Mike Ross