FIRST we had the Huffington Post, the online newspaper, now we have the Huddleston Journal (the new name for the Evesham Journal), featuring as many pictures of its namesake as possible.

But what became absolutely hilarious was the picture on Page 15 (August 13) with the picture of him looking very uncomfortable holding a sign saying: Fair Pupil Funding.

With the accompanying story beginning to read: “Schools may soon face ‘bankruptcy’ if they are not better funded by government…”.

Doh! Doesn’t this man know that it is his government causing the problems.

It is all very well standing with a glib look on his face, but it is the responsibility of this government to do something about it.

It is typical of the Tories. Every time they are in control they create a mess and then try to blame everyone else for the mess they have created.

Andrew C Dyke