Views missed

WELL, did anyone see the BBC Midland News report on Friday, October 9, concerning the planning application for land at Boat Lane/Abbey Road?

I rather felt that the BBC weren’t allowed to show the beautiful views of Clarkes Hill or the wide open space across the land showing the bell tower.

Were they directed to continuously show the ploughed field as a major view?

And Melanie Baker, the Malvern councillor, who happily said that most of us live in a house that was previously a field, well, of course, we do, but not on grade 1 fertile agricultural land, especially land with such a connection with an historic abbey site!

Ms Baker, you must have spaces in Malvern to build your 50 required houses and not push the onus onto Evesham. What gives you the right to say “not in my backyard”.

This development will cause traffic chaos, our infrastructure cannot cope!

Well done to the people of Evesham who are fighting this, you put your point across well.

Evesham does not need this development. We have had enough. Let us keep our identity as a beautiful riverside town.

Anne Harvey-Wilson Evesham

Local knowledge?

LIKE your correspondent Edward Wilson (October 8), I am baffled about why Wychavon District Council would collude with speculators from Sheffield to build expensive executive houses on a local historic beauty spot for sale onto Bristol/Cheltenham commuters and to provide second-homes for Londoners.

The scripted mantra of homes being needed for your children and grandchildren given as a justification is patently specious.

Low local incomes, a statistic itself inflated by Wychavon’s high salary structure, will largely preclude local purchases.

The aim of these development plans was to “simply identify” sites for future local housing to meet local needs with as little environmental impact as possible. Democratic processes and details were to follow at the planning stage.

A freedom of information request has compelled Wychavon District Council to reveal previously undisclosed information which indicates that planning can now only be a formality given their intimate dealings with Hallam’s agents.

The role of our local councillors is worthy of scrutiny. When these proposals were first mooted one local Wychavon councillor declined to discuss the issues until detailed proposals were available.

Fat chance now.The decisions were left to other Wychavon councillors with no local knowledge.

Tony Chidgey Evesham  

Such a show

THE letters page often focuses on negatives. Guilty as charged, m’lud.

But now for something completely different.

Last Thursday evening we went to see Phoenix Theatre Youth Group’s Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Evesham Arts Centre.

What a fantastic production it was. Totally professional – from amateurs!

The set, lighting and costumes were all outstanding. The youngsters, aged between 12 and 18, clearly enjoyed every moment.

It was all so slick and colourful, it could have been a West End production, the cast brimming with musical and acting talent.

Such experiences will ignite many a youngster’s desire to have a professional stage career, if they so choose.

The adult musicians were splendid. Our thanks, too, to all those faces we did not see for their hard work.

The arts centre, our town’s great asset, was sold-out. Great fun. Well done, everyone.    Colin and Cheryl Merriman Evesham

Dogs thanks

ON BEHALF of the Guide Dogs Pershore fundraising branch, I would like to thank all those who very kindly donated to the dog walk at the Valley on October 4, and also the street collection in Pershore on October 10.

All the money we raise helps us to continue to provide vital services to people who are blind or partially sighted.

Supporting Guide Dogs changes lives. Thank you for your much-appreciated generosity.

Lesley Hill Badsey

Please donate

THIRTY years ago my late wife was diagnosed with leukaemia.

The treatment involved quite aggressive chemotherapy which necessitated many blood transfusions.

Until that experience I had not appreciated just how critical were the available stocks of blood, without which many, if not all, surgical procedures would be impossible.

I have been a regular donor ever since, even though I am now in my 72nd year.

I was appalled to see that only four per cent of people actually donate.

Please consider how important your regular contribution can be. It is literally life saving. It only takes an hour of your time every three or four months.

Come on, Evesham. You know it makes sense!

Julian Winborne Evesham

Traffic danger

MY WIFE and I have been residents of Blockley, and while we are not opposed to the village evolving organically, we are very much against the Cala Homes proposed suburban-style housing estate on Little Show Broad.  The site we feel is unsuitable for development due to such constraints as drainage, flooding, traffic and pedestrian safety.

There is significant traffic danger, which no development can account for an overcome.

Draycott Road bends round past the site and up to the junction at Station Road and then all along Station Road.  I use a wheelchair and regularly travel the road to visit friends and have numerous near-misses due to lorries and vans travelling that road.  Allowing a development which would further contribute to an already dangerous road is irresponsible and the council should take responsibility and say to Cala Homes that this site cannot be developed due to this and other constraints.

Ian Cook Blockley

Bill defeat

MANY thanks for writing ‘MP’s relief at defeat for right-to-die bill’ in the Cotswold Journal.

If only everyone could receive such good care.

Congratulations to reporter Vivien Mason.

Susan Roank Shipston-on-Stour

Bar vandalism

THE decision to remove a 1980s bar from Croome Court, near Pershore, is an act of vandalism by the National Trust.

Why is the 1980s any less worthy of protecting than the 1880s? In another 100 years will the things that are part of our lives now have all vanished?

Paul Chandler Droitwich

Families needed

THERE are currently up to 40 young people in Worcestershire in need of the love and permanence adoption brings.

To find out more about adoption please give us a call on 0800 5877 791 or visit,

Vivien Slyfield Head of Service Adopters for Adoption Bromsgrove Droitwich