A NURSING home at a converted manor house nestling in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside is the latest establishment to receive an award for offering its clients healthier food options.

Bricklehampton Hall Nursing Home, near Pershore, has become the fifth business in Wychavon to achieve the Healthier Choices Food Award.

The Healthier Choices Food Award scheme, which is run by Worcestershire Regulatory Services, is open only to those businesses with the highest possible five-star food hygiene rating.

The award recognises Worcestershire food businesses offering people a variety of healthy and flexible options, with a special Gold Award for businesses that also use food that has been grown or produced nearby.

Head Chef at Bricklehampton Hall, Clive Webley, works closely with the care team to ensure that the food provided supports the health and wellbeing of the residents as well as being appetising and enjoyable.

They offer various healthier meal options every day, including adapted meals for residents with specific health conditions that require careful management. The locally sourced food is cooked from fresh every morning and healthier snacks are available, such as natural yoghurt and fruit platters, alongside smaller portions of cakes.

The residents’ meal choices are reviewed on a daily basis by the head chef to ensure that each one of them is having a range of different foods needed for a balanced diet, and they also have tasting sessions and regular meetings with the residents about the meals in order to gain feedback and discuss menu changes.

Clive said: “Over the years since joining Bricklehampton Hall, my staff and I have always had the residents’ wellbeing at heart, giving them the choice of a well-balanced, nutritious menu and a choice based on their individual needs.”

Councillor Gerry O’Donnell, who is responsible for promoting health improvement across the Wychavon district, said: “Healthy eating plays an important role in healthy lifestyles and a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet – as well as regular, moderate physical activity – will help us live longer and improve our quality of life.

“Bricklehampton Hall and its head chef Clive Webley clearly have the highest regard for the residents there and this is reflected in the healthy, fresh and varied food choices they provide.”

For full details of the award scheme visit www.worcsregservices.gov.uk/food.

Previous recipients from Wychavon of the Healthier Choices Food Award are Eckington Manor, Fusion Brasserie (Stoulton), Bridge Street Kitchen (Evesham) and The Angel Hotel (Pershore).