THE family of a “loving” young mother who hanged herself at home say more could have been done to prevent her death.

Emma Timbrell, aged 35, was found hanged in a room at her home in Baxters Walk, Malvern, on Tuesday, September 6.

Although she had previously taken an overdose of medication and was in a mental ‘crisis’ she had declined to go into a psychiatric unit in order to care for her children.

At an inquest yesterday Coroner Geraint Williams, said: “Miss Timbrell was a dedicated, loving parent and would at all times put her children first even to the detriment of her own health.”

The inquest heard that Ms Timbrell had suffered severe anxiety and depression for many years and had previously taken an overdose of her prescription medicine.

She was receiving regular support from Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust through psychotherapist Simona Hawkins and a home therapy team.

However, Ms Timbrell’s brother Simon, says his sister was “in crisis” and should have been hospitalised in order to protect her safety.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Timbrell said: “For me an overdose is an attempt itself, you don’t take an overdose to go to sleep. I just don’t see how you can’t see it as a suicide attempt.”

But Ms Hawkins told the inquest that Ms Timbrell did not state any actual intention to take her own life, but wanted a way of “resting from the struggles” she faced in daily life.

“She said she didn’t really intend to die because that would leave her children without a mother,” she said.

Eleanor Forrest, senior clinician with the home treatment team, had visited Miss Timbrell on a number of occasions.

She said: “She told me it (the overdose) was to sleep but I felt she was minimising what she had done. I was concerned but I didn’t call the Mental Health Act because she was willing to engage.”

Ms Timbrell was given the option of voluntarily admitting herself into a psychiatric unit, but declined in order to care for her children.

The Coronor said: “In my judgement it was not possible for her to be sectioned.

“It is certainly the case that Miss Timbrell received a great deal of input from mental health services.”

He concluded her death was “a case of suicide”.

Tributes poured in for Ms Timbrell, a former Chase High School pupil, after her death.

Kirsty Hopgood posted on Facebook: “Such a strong woman and an amazing mother! Will be greatly missed my everyone.”