A FORMER police inspector who worked in the traffic department has suggested a solution to Evesham's transport woes.

John Hackett, who first came to Evesham as a police officer in 1960 said he encountered Evesham's "horrendous traffic conditions" last week.

Mr Hackett has now suggested some solutions to what he describes as an "escalating problem."

He said: "The pedestrian crossing on the High Street by Lloyds Bank should be altered to have an island in the middle with separate traffic lights.

"This will prevent one pedestrian pressing the button which stops both way traffic flow.

"The road is wide enough to accommodate a traffic island.

"This would allow traffic to flow more freely and reduce this constant tailback caused by pedestrians constantly pushing the button and stopping traffic.

"I now come to the Evesham bypass with a third of the width of the road unused with hazard lines across.

"The centre accumulates grit, dirt etc and consequently if any one overtakes, as they can then one is sprayed with all this grit and it can be quite alarming and dangerous.

"I would like this road to be like other roads in this country. Three lane but electrically controlled by overhead gantry signs.

"Allowing two lane in at rush hour times and two lanes out in the evening. A speed limit electrically controlled. The roundabouts would have to altered to allow lanes to travel through or around.

"The cost of this I am sure would be less than dual carriageway and bridge alterations.

"We already have the roads but they require correct control and management. The centres which monitor and control cameras could be used to monitor the electronic devices for this operation.

"Evesham has changed dramatically over the years but with the amount of new houses being built, business estates then the problem I see will only get worse.

"This has been sent to the Highways Dept for consideration by them."

The suggestions come after Worcestershire County Councillor Ken Pollock, cabinet member with responsibility for economy and infrastructure at Worcestershire County Council claims that the Evesham Transport Model will then take around a year to make a difference.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: "We can confirm we have received a letter from this individual and will be responding in due course".