A GIANT pothole has been filled in by the county council after being highlighted in sister paper the Worcester News.

We reported how drivers were forced to skirt around the large crater, which had opened up in Henwick Road, Worcester, next to the Gulf Petrol Station, after bad weather on Thursday.

It was spotted amongst a series of other smaller potholes. 

According to Worcestershire County Council's Highways team, just 24 hours later the pothole had been repaired.

Now they want to know where else in the city you have spotted any pothole problems, urging residents to report any significant potholes and promising to fix them. 

The team tweeted: "Last Thursday a pothole in Henwick Road #Worcester was reported to us by @worcesternews - on Friday it was repaired - tell us about potholes and we'll get them fixed!"

Jon Fraser, head of highways at Worcestershire County Council, said: "This time of year is when potholes can develop quickly, with the wet and cold conditions. We have a dedicated team of inspectors and pothole repair gangs out and about working, but we also welcome reports of potholes from anyone and the best way to do this in online. The pothole on Henwick Road is an excellent example of a quick reaction to the report of a problem pothole."

After we reported on the Henwick Road 'crater', our readers highlighted their problems including Brickfields Road and Park View Terrace in Worcester and Camp Lane in Grimley.

Liza Nichol said: "Camp Lane is bad all the way down - it was only re done in the summer."

Leeanne Burfitt said: "Rainbow Hill is shocking popped my sister's tyre the other week, and Brickfields Road is also shocking."

Craig O'Neill said: "The entire stretch of Brickfields is a pothole."
Marion Dowling said: "Have you checked out Park View Terrace? Or as locals like to call it pot hole terrace."

To report a pothole, visit worcestershire.gov.uk and click on the report tab.

If the pothole is reported online, you can track the progress of the repair.
Previously, in October council highway chiefs hit back at claims that Worcestershire had the worst pothole problem in the West Midlands after a freedom of information request made by insurance company confused.com said 29,968 potholes were reported in Worcestershire in 2016 amounting to a total depth of nearly 1,2000 metres.

Highway chiefs rubbished the findings responding that the county has in fact some of the best roads in the region.