NEARLY 500 cyclists and road users have benefited from a safety campaign led by the Safer Roads Partnership (SRP), West Mercia and Warwickshire Police.

Representatives from SRP and uniformed officers were stationed at various points across Worcestershire and stopped cyclists who were not visible enough, before giving out safety advice as well as high-vis products.

Police figures have revealed two deaths and 76 serious injuries to cyclists in the last three years in West Mercia.

Be Safe Be Seen launched on Friday, November 17, with Inspector Gareth Morgan and PCSO Katie Hearnden Fellows stationed on Kidderminster Road in Droitwich.

The scheme then moved to the Port Street and Bridge Street in Evesham the following Friday, before The Tything and Sabrina Bridge, Worcester, the week after.

Worcester Road and Roman Way, Malvern Link were the next stop on November 29 before the scheme came to an end back in Worcester on December 5.

Lisa Bennett, of the SRP, said: “Nearly 500 cyclists and road users across West Mercia have benefitted from safety advice and high-vis cycling products during the ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of being visible on the roads.

“Initiatives have taken place during morning (6.30-8.30am) and evening (4-6pm) rush hours to engage with commuter cyclists on their way to and from work or school.

“Any cyclists in dark clothing or without lights on their bike were stopped by uniformed police officers who offered safety advice about the importance of keeping themselves visible and high-vis cycling products to help keep them safe on the roads.

“For example, flashing armbands, high-vis rucksack covers, neck scarves and bike lights.”

Since 2014, approximately 1,200 cyclists benefitted from safety advice and freebies at initiatives across the region.