PLATFORM extension plans have been revealed for Evesham and Pershore Railway Stations to cope with new longer trains.

Trains will soon have extra carriages going towards London Paddington and Worcester allowing them to have more people on.

Both platforms at each station would increase in length to 190 metres.

Pershore will be extended by 64 metres and Evesham will be expanded by 58 metres on one side and 32 metres the other.

A Spokesman for Network Rail, who has submitted the application, said: "This is necessary for the introduction of new 10 car Hitachi Intercity Express Trains.

"The new trains will consist of two 5 car trains coupled together and passengers will be unable to pass from one 5-car unit to the other in this configuration.

"The platforms therefore need to be extended to ensure that passengers can join and leave the second half of the train when in operation.

"The platform extensions have been designed such that seven of the 10 cars can be platformed at these stations."

The intention is for the work to start this summer and conclude by April 2019.