SIR – I have just arrived home from the Police & Crime Panel Meeting at County Hall, where the the panel did a good job in questioning PCC John Campion with reference the sale of the AB1 number plate, and Mr Campion ducked and weaved and coughed his way through some not very satisfactory answers.

I am just an ordinary member of the public, with no ulterior motive except to see that people in respected positions act correctly.

It is debatable that the plate should have been Mr Campion’s decision to sell in the first place. Having made that decision it should not have been withdrawn from public auction.

I think for anyone to come out of this mess smelling of roses then Mr Paul West should be reimbursed his £160,000 (or as we learned this morning £133,333), and it goes back to public auction where Mr West can bid for it along with anyone else who is interested.

Who knows, he might get it for less money!

I am afraid the whole procedure has left Mr Campion with egg on his face, and concern from the general public as to whether he is the right man for the job, or needs new advisers.

At best he appears naive and to lack judgement. I apologise to his family if they are upset at what I have said, as Mr Campion says they do, but I am afraid if you are in public office you have to have a thick skin. I do not intend to be hurtful, just stating the facts.

This is what I and several members of the public who were at that meeting feel should be the next step, and I am sure Mr Paul West will agree with me.

Anne Jordan,