THE Mid-Worcestershire and the Vale Green Party joined local activists, Keep Our NHS Public, concerned citizens and the Labour Party in Evesham as part of a county wide demonstration claiming the decline of Worcestershire’s NHS.

The demonstration started on the High Street, proceeded down Abbey road and concluded at the Evesham Community Hospital.

Activists were campaigning against their believe that privatisation had increased and that NHS services need more funding.

Neil Franks, co-ordinator for the Mid-Worcestershire and the Vale Green Party, said “we’re hoping that this demonstration is a wake-up call for Worcestershire MPs and NHS bosses that we will not let the NHS die quietly.

"We will fight for the hard working NHS staff who do an amazing job in spite of the Conservative Government running down the NHS and we will always stick up for citizens of Worcestershire who rely on our valuable NHS when they or their loved ones are unwell.”

The march took place on Saturday February 3.