PHOTOGRAPHERS have been asked to help the Worcester Canal group run a monitoring exercise over the Easter weekend.

Volunteers will be taking pictures of the wildlife within the canal to help the group get as accurate a picture as possible as to what lives in the canal.

Anyone willing to help take pictures is asked to join them.

The group plan to use a workboat named the Wanderer and take it from Diglis Basin to Sixways, stopping along the way at the Commandery, Lansdowne Park, Perdiswell Park and Offerton Country Park.

Those who can’t identify one species from another won’t have to worry as reference material will be provided on the boat.

The group ran a successful wildlife week two years ago, looking at the mile long stretch of canal from Lowesmoor to Perdiswell Park to try to find out what bats, moths and wildflowers can be found.

Thanks to this, a series of activities have since been undertaken such as clearing brambles at Lansdowne allotments to create hidden clearings attractive to birds, slowworms and other wildlife.

Since then the Worcester Canal Corridor project has been set up and has brought together agencies such as the Canal and River Trust, the City Council, the Duckworth Trust and the Canal Group with the aim of working together to improve the canal.

More information about the event can be found by emailing Graham Fowler at