Sir – I would like to express my disbelief at the news of yet another large development that is going to take place in Worcester.

This comes shortly after the article about ambulances queueing up outside A&E at the Royal.

With thousands more homes being built and these being occupied by thousands more people how long before the hospital goes into meltdown.

How many lives could be at risk because the hospital cannot cope.

The builders proudly announce there will be homes, shops, doctors surgery – and a hotel. No mention of more hospital places for those that find themselves in need.

While attending the hospital as an outpatient I was amazed at the speed I was dismissed without my X-rays even being seen (I was X-rayed at another hospital).

I could see they were under pressure and this was on a relatively steady day. I cannot see how the Royal can absorb thousands more people when patients are already waiting in corridors.

What on earth is going on, who is behind this madness? It is not so much the house building that gets to me it is the fact that an already struggling hospital will not be able to cope.

Why is this shortfall not being addressed? Throwing a little money at it for car parking or a few extra beds will not solve the problem. This is a serious matter that seems to be pushed aside.

How about asking these very wealthy property developers to cough up money towards another hospital before they are given the green light to decimate even more of our beautiful, not so green now, countryside.