A DISABLED racing driver who was told he would never be able to drive has secured a dream car.

Chris Carter from Evesham, who suffers from cerebral palsy has secured a race ready Ford Focus ST 170.

Mr Carter also now holds a National B Race License after a full day practical test and a written exam

He said: "The practical part was a full day and called an extended ARDS test, which is both physically demanding and not easy to pass.

"The normal test is 2 hours, with 20 minutes driving on track, the extended ARDS is a full day with almost 2 hours driving on track.

"The written part was a written exam about flags and safety, but still can be tricky as any wrong answer means you fail.

"The next step is to secure funding and partnerships to allow for testing and further racing activities.

"Sponsorship is even more important as I am now ready to race."

Mr Carter be racing at Castle Combe in the Hot Hatch Series, with the first race likely to take place on Monday May 7.

He has now secured the support of disability charity Scope, which aims to abolish the misconception that disability precludes someone from following their dreams.

One of the biggest problems he faced due to cerebral palsy is getting out of the car within seven seconds.

Although Mr Carter is in the early stages of his motorsport career, he has already gained the support of Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 World Champion.

He tweeted to ask for sponsorship to help Mr Carter achieve his dream.

For more information, visit facebook.com/gimmertime44/?locale2=en_GB or visit gofundme.com/disabled-racing-driver-needs-help