A MUM is calling on McDonald's to improve its security after witnessing the bloody aftermath of a fight at one of its restaurants.

Mother-of-three Caroline Beard said she was shocked to see a bloodied child outside McDonald's, in Malvern Shopping Park, last week.

Miss Beard, aged 51, heard the brawl break out when she was inside McDonald's with her daughter.

She said: "We walked out to see a young man with blood dripping from his mouth.

"The lads involved in the fight were Year 11 students... they were swearing and shouting.

"As our car was parked outside the restaurant we had no choice but to walk past them.

“This is not what I expect to happen here in Malvern. I don’t see it anywhere else. Only at McDonald’s.

"I really think McDonald’s need to employ a security guard to man the outside area of the restaurant.”

The mother said her eight-year-old daughter, Isabelle, was terrified by the ordeal.

West Mercia Police said there has been a spike in reports of anti-social behaviour on the retail park over the Easter school holiday.

Gill Murphy, aged 34, also witnessed youngsters misbehaving at the retail park on Saturday.

She said: “There was a group outside [McDonald's] who were smoking and swearing, sitting at the tables.

“When they were asked to move by a member of staff they refused. They had a complete lack of respect.

“They were asked to move away for a second time but became verbally abusive towards the female member of staff.

“It's not pleasant for customers having to walk through clouds of smoke and foul language before they can even enter the restaurant.”

PC Steve Tandy, of Malvern Police Station, said: "I am aware of an increase in reports to police of anti-social behaviour...specifically on or around the retail park.

"For a number of incidents that have been reported to police we have been able to attend and obtain the details of those involved.

"This allows us to be in a position to inform parents and make our community harm co-ordinators aware should further incidents occur involving the same people."

He added that officers routinely patrol the area and work with staff to identify ongoing issues.

McDonald's was unavailable for comment.