A TREE surgeon who appeared on popular reality television programme First Dates looking for love said he was "slammed" on social media for asking his date if she had lip fillers.

Tom Ramm, aged 26, of South Littleton, was paired with 25-year-old dental nurse Jade, from Kettering.

During the show, Mr Ramm, who is six-foot-four, asked his date if she had lip fillers and as a result she admitted to spending £12,000 on laser eye surgery, lip fillers, botox and breast implants.

Speaking on the Channel 4 show, he described his ideal date to be "sweet" with quite long, dark hair, tanned skin and dark eyes.

He said: "My ideal woman would be a liquid amber tree. Quite nice and small. They're well shaped, they've got vibrant colour. It's so hard to compare a tree to a woman."

Following the date, Jade called Mr Ramm attractive and said she would like to see him again.

He called Jade a "stunner" but said at the moment he would like to stay in contact 'just as friends'.

Speaking to the Worcester News, he said: "It was a fantastic experience. I got slammed by some media for asking if she had her lips done.

"Honesty was 110 per cent on both sides been called the bad boy of dating towards the end of the date a bigger message was perceived as women don't all need to be dolled up botox, lip fillers, nose jobs to become attractive as I was looking for someone more natural with self confidence."

Speaking after his appearance on Twitter, Mr Ramm said: "Honesty turns out to not be the best policy. Wishing Jade all the best for the future. Thank you first dates for the experience."