WARNINGS have been given to businesses and properties due to the "intolerable" smell and amount of flies caused by rubbish.

Wychavon District Council have warned over 60 properties because of complaints by residents about the amount of rubbish left in Waterside, Evesham.

Resident Mike Taylor said: "I have attached a number of photographs of the area no more than 10 feet away from the kitchen doors of 3 restaurants and in close proximity to at least 10 other establishments serving food.

"As can be clearly seen there is a massive amount of food waste and other rubbish that has now attracted rats, flies, cats and foxes etc.

"The cause of this problem is clear in that above the restaurants and other shops in the immediate there are a large number of flats/bedsits that appear not to have a regular bin collection and as a consequence the rubbish has accumulated.

"A couple of the recently arrived food outlets are contributing to the mess having made no arrangement for waste collection.

"I have had a conversation with them regarding this but I feel there may be some lack of understanding as to how to proceed due to a language barrier.

"With the recent warm weather the smell and proliferation of flies is intolerable and must surely compromise the hygiene of the kitchens but have a detrimental effect on the children who live and play around this disgusting mess."

Sharon Casswell, client services manager at Wychavon said: “Wychavon and Worcestershire Regulatory Services are acutely aware of the problems presented by this inappropriately stored excess of waste.

"To protect the public it has been cleared away and we have been working to educate the businesses and residents on appropriate waste collection services. "Community protection warning notices have also been issued to over 60 properties so that we can ensure this problem is resolved and doesn’t continue.”

Rilys Indian Restaurant said that they use their own bin and that the rubbish left outside the properties is from "more established businesses."

Evesham Balti and Blue Lagoon were not available for comment.