TEMPERATURES are expected to continue rising in the coming weeks, with the possibility of a continuous heatwave across the rest of the summer – it has been reported.

Malvern-based forecaster Frank Hill has said the idea of a sustained heatwave is misleading, while Worcestershire is unlikely to reach 33°C this month, despite some reports.

Mr Hill, who worked for the Met Office for 42 years, said June rarely reaches above 30°C in the UK, while continuous dry weather “would cause no end of problems”.

“One of the problems is, we could have a long fine spell of very hot weather, but it will more than likely be interrupted by warm thunderous weather, which will bring short spells of rain,” said Mr Hill.

“Although holidaymakers will be holding out for it, it is unlikely to ever happen.”

Met Office records show this summer could be the hottest since 2006, if June to August has an average temperature at least 0.87°C above the 14.3°C summer average.

Which Mr Hill said is far more realistic than temperatures being maintained around 30°C between now and September.

While he said the last time Worcestershire “got near 33°C” during June was in 1995.

“It occurs every 20 or 30 years – it’s probably unlikely we’ll hit 33, but we quite often do see 29 or 30 in June.”

He said: “The average maximum for June last year – if you take all days – is 21. The highest temperature recorded in each June since records began, averaged out, is 28.”

The Met Office predicted 24°C for Monday in Worcestershire and Mr Hill said this is in keeping with the weather so far this month.

“This is quite reasonable, and what you would expect for June.

“And this is northeast wind, not as warm as southeast wind, so if the wind goes around a bit, it will start to reach over 25. But it’s nothing exceptional.

“The difference is getting above 30, which is rare and sustaining anything around 33 is not likely.”