AN appeal has been launched for a number of cats in care.

Animals at Evesham Cats Protection are looking for homes in the area. Fran Holder, volunteer at the cats protection said: "There are a number of cats who have been in care for a while, due to their individual needs.

"We are keen to give these cats a new start and freedom by highlighting their needs here. These cats are not feral cats but they are domesticated enough that they need some human support, however they do not want a domestic home as they prefer to have their independence and own space.

"We are looking for homes for these cats where people would be prepared to give them shelter, fresh food and water on a daily basis. Ideally these cats would enjoy living on a small holding, at stables, a rural home or somewhere there is a large garden, in return the benefit would be vermin control.

"To start with the cats would need to be housed in a suitable safe and secure area to acclimatise their new environments, with bedding and litter trays, before they are released."

Boe, aged two and a neutered female, is one of these cats who likes human company. Boe needs a home where there is outdoor space but also a base where she can settle.

To find out more or to offer a home, call 01386 833343