RESIDENTS have raised £2,500 to fight a planning appeal for 81 holiday caravans.

Allens Caravans applied unsuccessfully in December 2017 for the static caravans to be installed at Comberton Golf Club.

Residents in Great Comberton and friends of Bredon Hill have raised the sum which will go towards paying for a planning barrister.

Resident Kate Collingwood said: "This is a totally inappropriate and unsustainable location for such a development.

"The village sits on the slopes of Bredon Hill and the caravans would be central to the view from the Iron Age hillfort and other locations on the hill as well as from the River Avon.

"Although there is a degree of screening from trees on the golf course at present, this cannot be relied on as Ash dieback and other tree diseases will reduce it over time.

"We entirely agree with Wychavon’s verdict that “the harm caused by the proposal significantly and demonstrably outweighs any benefits of the scheme.

"Why would we damage the best view in Wychavon for a development of no social and little economic benefit?

"Bredon Hill is the major part of the only Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wychavon, of great value for its archaeology, historic landscapes, veteran trees and biodiversity as well as for its tranquillity and amazing views, immortalised by AE Housman in his eponymous poem.

"It attracts visitors from all over the world, and should be kept safe for people who want to come without damaging the landscape for everyone else. “

Planners turned down the application on the grounds that the number of caravans would harm the area of outstanding natural beauty.

Ashton Hall, director at Allens Caravans said shortly after the plan was rejected: "Unfortunately on this occasion we were unsuccessful in our planning application at Great Comberton Golf Club even though it was very closely contested vote.

"However we take solace in the fact that the planning case officer had recommended for approval our application after a considerable pre-planning process, this will no doubt be evident in our forthcoming appeal application.

"We have every confidence that we will ultimately be successful and we hope to prove that our plan for the ongoing regeneration of the land at the golf course will be beneficial to not only our patrons but to the wider community."