BBC’s The One Show celebrated former cinema usherettes at The Regal

The Regal team were delighted to welcome researchers and camera crew from BBC’s The One Show to the cinema last Monday 18 June to film a special Last Usherettes feature for the weeknight BBC1 chat programme. They were joined by former cinema usherettes, many of whom had worked at The Regal from as far back as the 1940s, and a guest speaker from the University of Portsmouth.

Bringing together former usherettes and research into the role of the women who stood at the threshold of the real world and the movies, The One Show were keen to hear about their experiences. The former usherettes were interviewed by The One Show’s resident hairdresser, Michael Douglas, whose clients have included everyone from Michael Caine and Kate Moss to Danni Minogue and Davina McCall.

As well as reminiscing over an usherettes exhibition in The Regal’s circle bar, which featured original usherettes uniforms kindly loaned by The Cinema Museum, the usherettes also enjoyed a buffet lunch and fizz to mark the occasion.

Regal customers were invited to join the former usherettes for a short talk and film from Dr Olly Gruner, senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, on research into the role of the usherette in cinema history conducted by his colleague, Eva Balogh. A complimentary screening of the 1953 film How to Marry a Millionaire followed.

Sue Wiper of The Regal, Evesham, said; “Thanks to The One Show for thinking of us as the perfect venue for filming this important event and to Dr Olly Gruner and Eva Balogh for helping us bring the event together. We were honoured to meet so many former usherettes and hear their stories; it was such a special day! Thank you to our lovely customers for joining us too.”